Baobab offers you an unforgettable African hunting experience.

We accommodate Families that Hunt together with Binoculars to Rifles from the absolute beginner as well as the well-travelled client.

  • Friends hunting together,
  • Father and son hunting together,
  • Couples

This is the ideal opportunity to share an unforgettable hunting experience with family and friends

A hunting safari in South Africa is sure to be a thrilling experience, whether you are interested in the Big Five or in plains game hunting. We have the experience and infrastructure to make your African hunting safari a memorable one.

Availability of game is guaranteed.



Prices available on request
Animal Trophy
Blesbok > 38 cm, method 7
Blue Wildebeest > 68.5 cm, method 12
Bushbuck > 34 cm, method 8
Impala > 56 cm, method 7
Kudu > 136.85cm, method 8
Red Hartebeest > 54.5 cm, method 7
Warthog > 29 cm, method 6

Hunting rules

  • No calibre smaller than .243 is allowed
  • All weapons must first go for a round at the shooting range, to make sure they’re in 100% working condition
  • Missed shot costs 10% of species aimed at. Second missed shot equals 50% of species aimed at. Third missed shot equals 100% of species aimed at (eg: the second missed shot was at an impala, which means you pay 50% of the price, the third missed shot was at a blue wildebeest, which means you pay 100% of the price, the forth missed shot means you should stop and rather go fishing as this is likely to become an expensive outing).
  • If the animal is wounded, 100% of the price is payable
  • No hunting along the fences, if a hunter does shoot along a fence, he will be liable for the value of all animals that break through and escape
  • No hunting from any vehicles, all hunting must be done on foot
  • No hunters will be allowed in the veld with their own vehicles without a guide
  • No hunter will be allowed into the veld without a guide
  • Only one non-hunter will be allowed to accompany a hunter and a guide
  • No hunter under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be allowed to take part in the hunt
  • All smokers will ensure that their cigarette stubs are completely dead before moving on, in order to prevent veld fires
  • Guides that are bribed will be paid double the bribe by the owner of the game farm

Monkeys, baboons, jackals, pheasants, partridges, guinea-fowl and birds may not be shot under any circumstances.

Availability of game is guaranteed.

Camp rules

  • There is a strictly monitored inventory list at the camp
  • Any damaged, broken or missing goods will be charged to the hunters account
  • Bedding may not leave the chalets
  • Chalets are all non smoking
  • Fires are made in their allocated areas only
  • All firearms will be locked away in the safe provided
  • No shooting into air, directed at any guests/ employees, etc. In the event that any safety procedure as formally documented by the Firearms Control Act of 2000 and well versed in the Firearms Competency documentation are deviated to any degree, the specific visitor will be requested to leave the property immediately, forfeiting all costs already paid, and charges relating to negligence/ attempted murder/ unlawful use of a weapon/ discharging of a weapon unlawfully/ etc. will be initiated against the perpetrator at the Mokopane Police Station.

Quad rules

  • No new roads please
  • Do not scare the game in any manner
  • Access to the “river road” can be arranged
  • No quads to be ridden in hunting/ shooting range area during hunting period
  • During hunting activities quads to be operated across road in open camp and river area only
  • Please do not damage any flora and fauna!

Any suggestions or complaints are welcome, so that we can enhance your experience!

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